How to choose placeholder content for your website
Jan 30, 2023

If you’ve got a pile of books and knick-knacks you want to display in your home, you first need to install a structure, like a shelf, on which to display them. In the same way, when you have content you want to put online, you first need a structure in the form of a website to display it. However, there comes a point in every website project when you need some content to ensure the structure works well and looks good, but maybe you don’t have the content yet. That's where placeholder content (temporary knick-knacks, as it were) comes in.

Securing your website with an SSL certificate
Jan 27, 2023

One of the biggest problems facing the Internet today is scammers trying to get your information. Because this is such a problem, securing your website with an SSL certificate is becoming an essential way to improve your site.

Nobody cares about Plone (Plone Conference 2022 talk)
Oct 14, 2022

The average client has no idea what Plone is, and they don’t really care. They won’t trust something they’ve never heard of, and there are plenty of other solutions out there that claim to offer the same things. Designers and developers, on the other hand, do care about Plone: an elegant, powerful, secure, scalable, and flexible solution to clients’ content management dilemmas. However, clients generally don’t care about the technical stuff – they just want to be online. It’s our job to tell them why Plone is the way to go. In this talk, we share what we’ve learned about selling Plone to people who don’t care over the last 15 years.

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