Africa Criminal Justice Reform (ACJR)

ACJR engages in high quality legal and empirical research, advocacy and empowerment which supports criminal justice reform in Africa.

As a programme of the Dullah Omar Institute, ACJR's work previously took place under the name of the Civil Society Prison Reform Initiative (CSPRI), which had among its sub-programmes Promoting Pre-trial Justice in Africa (PPJA) and its partnership in the Article 5 Initiative (A5i). This meant that this would be a case of building a site that had its own identity, but also did not alienate users that were coming from previous sites associated with the projects.

Our aim was to maintain clarity in the organisation's purpose, but to also ensure that there was an ease in finding publications and information.

Mainly, we ensured that the look of the site was in line with what we built for Dullah Omar Institute. Fortunately, we managed to work the two projects side-by-side to ensure that this was achieved.

Launch: April 2017

Africa Criminal Justice Reform (ACJR)