Secure hosting solutions

Plone is Python's enterprise-grade content management system (CMS). It has the best security track record of any major CMS. Plone has never had a serious vulnerability exploited in the wild. We can host this on our servers or on a server in your infrastructure.

Custom app hosting has a lot of working parts that need to be set up. We have years of experience in getting your app up and running, no matter what the platform. Work with people you can trust to keep your servers running fast and securely.

Wordpress hosting needs regular attention to keep it updated and secure. We help you set up the site and keep it going, year after year. Rock-solid hosting at a reasonable price.

Juizi is a website design, development and hosting provider with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg, providing services to clients throughout South Africa.

Taking into account your short term needs and your long term goals, we offer bespoke solutions, crafting our projects to offer scalability, growing your website to evolve as your organisation’s needs change.

We build long-lasting relationships with clients, getting to know their way of working, their businesses, and their goals. This interest in the business helps us with creative input and value-adding results.

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Secure hosting solutions