Nobody cares about Plone (Plone Conference 2022 talk)
Oct 14, 2022

The average client has no idea what Plone is, and they don’t really care. They won’t trust something they’ve never heard of, and there are plenty of other solutions out there that claim to offer the same things. Designers and developers, on the other hand, do care about Plone: an elegant, powerful, secure, scalable, and flexible solution to clients’ content management dilemmas. However, clients generally don’t care about the technical stuff – they just want to be online. It’s our job to tell them why Plone is the way to go. In this talk, we share what we’ve learned about selling Plone to people who don’t care over the last 15 years.

4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Reskin
Sep 12, 2022

Just like a lizard, your website’s “skin” (the look and feel) gets old every now and then and needs to be shed so that a new skin can take its place. For lizards, this “reskin” just happens as they grow. But for a website, the process isn’t quite as automatic. So, what does a website reskin entail? And how do you know when it’s time to reskin your website?

Q&A with Sue from SAVE-UHC
Aug 18, 2022

We’ve worked with Professor Susan Goldstein for many years on various projects, most recently the South African Values and Ethics for Universal Health Coverage (SAVE-UHC) website. Following the recent launch of the SAVE-UHC website, we had a chat with Sue about the project.

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