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Self-update-able, cost-effective, heavy-duty, hack-resistant, overseen by Johan, and with Karel by your side, every step of the way.

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Juizi Website Worth Having
(Powered by Plone)

Basic Design

Content Management Training

R 49 450


Juizi Website Worth Having
(Powered by Plone)

Custom Design

Custom Content Types

Customizable Search

Content Management Training

R 74 450


Everything in Popular


3rd Party Integration
(eg. Payment interfaces, CRM, etc)

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Of course! Your website can grow as much and as fast as you want it to.

We work as fast as we can get sign-off from you on the design. Six weeks is a good ballpark figure - it gives us enough time to design, develop and deliver a quality product. We've been able to complete some projects in as short as a week (this comes at a bit of a premium), and some projects have taken a bit longer.

Extremely low. Plone is well known for its excellent security track record, and to date, none of our Plone sites have ever been hacked.

More functionality requires more custom development which costs extra, as will be detailed in your quote. However, if it's out of your budget, we can work with you to exclude non-essential functionality. 

Our hosting fee covers more than just a space on a server. It includes specialized setup and dedicated servers - no shared servers.

Almost 20 years. We have been working with clients like the South African Institute for Race Relations (IRR) and Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) for close to 15 years.

We try to resolve issues within a day, but some issues warrant an even faster turnaround time.

These platforms don't provide the power, functionality and scalability that we love in Plone. We've worked with WordPress in the past, but we vastly prefer Plone. It's more secure, powerful and elegant than WordPress, and we want to give our clients the best.

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