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About Us

Juizi is a website design, development and hosting provider with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg, providing services to clients throughout South Africa.

Founded by Johan Beyers in 2000, Juizi is made up of professional web designers and developers who offer a highly regarded, professional, hands on service. Every website project we devise is personalised web strategy to meet your company's needs - taking into account your current branding, your short term needs, and your long term goals. With the Plone Content Management System used in our projects, the scalability offered will ensure that we can grow your site as your needs change.


Johan Beyers

Developer, leader, chief coffee drinker

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Karel Calitz

Designer, photoshopper, lackey

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Astrid Beyers

Accounts, HR, spellchecker



If you like the idea of being in charge of your own website and website content, then a content management system website is definitely for you, as you can change your content as and when you need to - turning your website into a living, breathing, lead-generating entity.

Website Design

Thoughtful design gives your website a flow that is understandable, making it easy to use and pretty to look at.

Our creative team will devise a website strategy to meet your organisation's needs - taking into account your current branding, your short term needs, and your long term goals.

Website Development

Understanding your organisation’s needs, as well as those of your site visitors, helps us to build a site that works for both you and them.

We build on a strong framework to turn your website into a top performer - allowing your website not only to look the way you need it to look, but also to do what you need it to do.

Support at any level

Content management, front-end design, hosting, server setup.

Our design know-how, technical skill, and familiarity with the platform, allows us to help your organisation keep your website up to date, fresh, relevant, and running optimally.

Secure Hosting

Plone is Python's enterprise-grade content management system (CMS).

It has the best security track record of any major CMS. Plone has never received a report of a serious vulnerability in Plone being exploited in the wild.


Bespoke projects get our hearts racing. We enjoy working with clients to understand their needs, and building sites to suit those needs - intelligently designed, easy to use.. and, of course, pretty.
Centre for Risk Analysis
Author: Karel
Published: 2018

The Centre for Risk Analysis helps business and government leaders plan for a future South Africa and identify policies that will create a more prosperous society.

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Insitute of Race Relations
Author: Karel
Published: 2018

The Insitute of Race Relations is a classically liberal think-tank promoting the ideas and policy solutions necessary to drive the investment and economic growth that will free South Africa’s people from unemployment, dependency, and poverty.

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Helen Suzman Foundation
Author: Karel
Published: 2018

The Helen Suzman Foundation promotes liberal constitutional democracy and the rule of law. Their liberalism is grounded in Helen’s legacy, and draws from the history of liberal thought in South Africa.

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Author: Karel
Published: 2017

Fast Space provides a unique platform to meet your warehousing needs fast and efficiently. Whether your requirement is to secure instant warehousing for your product or stock.

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