Client feature: The South African Institute of Race Relations

One of Juizi’s longest-standing relationships is with the South African Institute of Race Relations. We’ve been doing their website since 2009 and they have been enjoying the many pro’s of Plone since then.

Over the years they have gained trust in our ability, and also trust that the Plone platform works, and that their sensitive material was available only to logged-in users. From their early days under the banner of the SAIRR, to their evolution into the IRR (Institute of Race Relations) and CRA (Center for Risk Analysis), we’ve also been called on to help with specific projects that added value to their organisation.

CEO Frans Cronjé’s own site, as well as The Daily Friend, the newest addition to the IRR family, have also been built on this powerful content management platform.

They’ve embraced what Plone can do for them, and their sites have grown and blossomed like flowers in a fertile garden. They’re tending to their sites with the right content, helping them grow by nurturing, owning, and trusting their skills, and this combination helps the users reap the benefits of great looking, easy to use websites.

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Client feature: The South African Institute of Race Relations