Building a website for the African Continental Qualifications Framework - a success story (World Plone Day 2023)

Apr 26, 2023
For World Plone Day this year, Karel and Talya chatted about one of our recent projects, the website for the African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF).

We love talking about our favourite CMS, Plone, so we jumped at the opportunity to submit a talk for World Plone Day 2023! Our video was one of 57 videos from 15 countries which were streamed on the Plone YouTube channel on 26 April.

We spoke about the website we built for the ACQF, which is the largest Regional Qualifications Framework (RQF) to date, with its goal being to coordinate qualifications from 55 African countries and 8 regional communities to make them transparent, comparable, and held to a certain level of quality.

They needed a website to promote the development of the framework and give them a secure home for all their materials. It was a big project, which was exciting, and we also enjoyed working with an international client. We look forward to continuing to maintain the website as they develop and maintain the framework.

Watch the video for all the info about the project:



We were thrilled to be participating in this event for the second year in a row - last year we spoke about Plone's user and permissions system which makes it perfect for teamwork.

Check out the World Plone Day 2023 playlist on the Plone Foundation's YouTube channel for the rest of this year's talks.

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