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Why Shopify? 

  • Shopify has become synonymous with eCommerce (like Hoover is to vacuum cleaners)
  • They know what’s going on in the industry and are constantly rising to industry challenges
  • Their variety of features is unmatched

... and we like building Shopify sites

Why Juizi?

  • Unblock your business on a budget - bring on our knowledge and experience without the cost or commitment of a full-time employee (or doing all the work yourself)
  • You’ll only start paying the monthly Shopify fee once the site is live (because we’re a Shopify Partner

...and we’re pretty great to work with & we’ll make sure you get things done


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"Juizi built us an intuitive and accessible Shopify shop - our prospective clients can easily find and purchase the items they're looking for. Karel’s efficiency cannot be beaten." Sherwin van Blerk
Centre for Risk Analysis

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