Paint colour chips in various colours laid out with a paintbrush and roller.

Where do I start?

What do I like? Usually, we know what we don't like, so it's helpful to first look at some examples of what's already out there.

  • Find 3 websites that you don't like. Tell us why.
  • Find 3 websites that you do like. Tell us why.

We'll guide you and show you some template options.

What is a template?

Sometimes also called a "skin", a template is the layout and design applied over your content. It includes fonts, colours, backgrounds, and navigation. Putting a new template onto an existing site is called a "reskin" - we do this too

Did you know: with our system, you can start working on the content even before you've chosen the theme. So you can get going while the ideas and words are fresh. No time to waste!

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