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A website must just work! You don't want to have to worry about that part, so let us handle that for you, and then you can get on with what you do well.

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What exactly is website development?

It is everything that happens behind the scenes to make a website look good, work fast and perform well.  Web developers do this by using various coding languages.

"I have worked with Juizi on numerous projects and they have delivered stellar work all the time. I appreciate most how adept they are at project management, especially where there are a number of stakeholders to consult and get buy in from."
Larry Khumalo
Weber Shandwick Africa


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We build websites in Plone. 

(What the #@#$ is Plone?)

Why Plone?

  • Unhackable - Plone has the best security track record by far of any major CMS worldwide. No more hacked websites! 
  • Flexible - Plone can do so many things straight away. 
  • Scalable - Plone can handle basic to extremely complex sites. 
  • Powerful - and who doesn't like powerful!

Read more on why Juizi loves Plone so much.

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