African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF)

Oct 11, 2021
We often talk about the durability and scalability of the Plone platform when listing the benefits of using this robust content management system. Recently we had the privilege of working on a project with the ETF - European Training Foundation, GIZ and African Union, and Plone yet again proved it's elegance and might.

The African Continental Qualifications Framework (ACQF) will be the largest of the regional qualifications frameworks (RQFs), as it cooperates with 55 countries and 8 regional economic communities (RECs) on the African continent. ACQF will be the only RQF interacting with two different levels – national and regional qualifications frameworks.
With the help of Juizi, the ACQF website will support comparability, quality and transparency of qualifications and support people´s lifelong learning. With the global village becoming smaller and smaller every day, this is becoming increasingly important.

We've built a secure, intuitive and user-friendly platform which will help the ACQF

  • update key details of their developing qualifications framework;
  • lay the groundwork for a framework that compares different African countries' qualifications frameworks;
  • promote their methodology of cooperation and alignment.

As this exciting project evolves and grows, Juizi will be working alongside them to help ensure its success.

Check it out now at

"After the long and arduous journey of creating and collecting content, the building of the ACQF website itself was just a pleasure. Karel and Mike listened to our specific needs, proposed a roadmap with concrete milestones and we could measure progress at each of the team meetings.

The discussions between content owners (our project) and developers - designers (Juizi team) were literally very constructive, each side learning how to jointly created a unique website for ACQF stakeholders, users, researchers and friends. We found it all to be a most engaging, educational and enjoyable experience. We learned to manage content, to use the potentialities of the architecture, to structure this house of knowledge and experiences about qualifications frameworks and systems. As a result of this systematisation of knowledge and content, now we have a better view of interesting new initiatives we can undertake to improve, complement, and enrich the knowledge base, the research and the capacity development actions of the ACQF project. The ACQF web platform was constructed specifically for us and working with Plone turned out to be even easier than expected.

We are very pleased to have a website that presents our content beautifully while also engaging our audience. Feedback from our partners, stakeholders and experts on the ACQF website has been incredibly positive. Juizi helped us build a site that works for us."
- Eduarda Castel-Branco, ACQF project coordinator

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