Bulk mail services: The Dullah Omar Institute

Jun 17, 2021
A couple of months ago, The Dullah Omar Institute (one of our longstanding website clients) approached us to help them migrate to a new bulk mail system - Mailerlite.

Keathélia Sapto, the head of the DOI marketing and communications team, needed a system that allowed her to coordinate her team and the project teams to get bulk emails out to an ever-growing database. Juizi helped them to get it done.

What is the Dullah Omar Institute

The Dullah Omar Institute is an NGO based at the University of the Western Cape, focusing on engaged research, teaching and advocacy on governance and human rights in Africa. Research areas include children’s and women’s rights, socio-economic rights, multilevel government and criminal justice reform.

Such important research areas. Why do you need a bulk mail service?

We need a way to send out information and updates about our research and publications to our subscribers, and to let them know about and invite them to upcoming events and webinars.

Then a bulk mail service is certainly the way to go. What made you decide to move over to Mailerlite?

We wanted to get more of our staff involved in sending out mailers, so we needed a system that was very easy to use, and has very good support.  

Makes sense! Karel recommended Mailerlite because it does both of those very well. Has the change been smooth and how is it going now? 

Yes and everything is going great. We have more staff using the platform compared to our previous platform.

Excellent, just what you wanted! Anything specific about Mailerlite that makes your day easier? 

I can schedule emails and invites to be sent out later as well as easily see and analyse data about the campaigns that I’ve sent out. It is also incredibly easy to upload and manage bulk contacts.

Sounds just perfect.

Yes! I also want to have all my bulk email dreams fulfilled, just like Kay

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