Du'SwaRoo Wine & Olive Farm

May 18, 2021
The recent celebration of a year of lockdown made us all reevaluate the impact of the pandemic in our lives.

This included not only the changes in our own business, but also the shifts we’ve seen in other businesses (clients, friends and family) - from not being able to engage their clients the way they usually would, finding amazing new ways to collaborate around research projects, and for some, just not being able to work at all due to lockdown restrictions.

Five years ago, my folks decided on a more active form of retirement. A change of pace was in order, so they ended up buying a farm. This didn’t surprise me too much, because they’ve never chosen the easy route - and having visited them a couple of times in Calitzdorp, I can confirm that, as blissfully quiet small town living is, farm life is hard!

With a cellar full of wine, Lockdown definitely hit them hard, but fortunately it didn’t get them down. Their olive oil and deli products helped them make ends meet until they were able to sell and ship their wine again.

They came up with a number of initiatives and incentives over lockdown (and through the ups and downs of being able to sell and not sell in between levels). This included special offers, free shipping on orders, and asking people to pre-order (pay now, delivery as soon as it’s allowed). The response was amazing, with South Africans supporting the industry to help them survive.

Next step for my folks: an online shop. They’re old school, but definitely embracing the forward thinking nudges of their son. They trust me to guide them towards solutions that will work for them without losing touch with their customers.

Fingers crossed that the little farm in Calitzdorp (one of the smallest cellars in the area) will be adding to the heritage and the town for years to come.

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