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Jun 23, 2019
We have extensive experience building and managing NPO/NGO websites, and put together a selection of core products that we believe will enable us to partner with you to build a solid website.


You will be able to easily update your website yourself using the content types and page view options we have built. We will help you decide what to use where, assist you with a good site structure, and guide you in terms of best practice for websites - this to ensure your user's experience is both fun and informative.


You will be able to grow your site with content as and when you need to - ensuring your site is up to date and that your website conveys your organisation's message correctly. Added to that, the modular nature of our system makes it easy to develop extra functionality for your site. Start small, dream big.


Your content will be housed safely with us. The system we use (Plone) is an industry leader when it comes to security.

Let Juizi help you achieve your website goals

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