Interview with a filling machine maker

Oct 22, 2020
Filkraft is a young, dynamic company based in Paarl near Cape Town. We asked Danie from Filkraft a few questions about how 2020 has been for them.

What is Filkraft? Filkraft is a dynamic company specializing in Turnkey packaging solutions. We specialize in the project management, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of all aspects of the packaging industry.

Ah, so you make machines that fill stuff, cool! And how was 2020 for you? We thought 2020 was going to be a year of unthinkable turbulence. In the end 2020 is looking more like unthinkable opportunities.

How did your website add value during this year? Due to the fact that we could not visit clients during lockdown, we focused on the information displayed on our website, especially multimedia. We added videos and photos of our equipment with great response from our clients.

Wow, yes we can see Filkraft added 19 videos in 6 months! The next best thing to visiting one of your filling lines on site! And were there any new products on which you quickly needed to focus? Filkraft did a number of projects for the sanitizing industry during lockdown. This showed the versatility and adaptive innovative culture of our company.

Of course, all those bottles of sanitizer needed filling! And what is lying ahead for Filkraft? Heading into 2021, we’re looking forward to another great year of innovation. Another great year of doing business differently.

Sounds like Danie and his team roll with the punches and make their website work for them! Just what we like to hear from our clients.

Check out their website (we redid it again in 2022):

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