Pick a domain, any domain (and stick to it)

Oct 30, 2019
Picking a domain name is trickier than you'd think. For most domain names, the cost is a few hundred rand a year. So which one do you pick?

Your main options are:

  • .com: This is the worldwide commercial standard. If you have a company name that is still available as a .com, get it, if only to avoid future confusion.
  • .co.za: If your company is South African, this works well.
  • .org: This is for non-profits. Similar to .com, if it's available, register it.
  • .org.za: Also for non-profits. The same as with .co.za, this might be easier to get than a .org.

Our recommendations?

  • You want your domain name to be easy to remember and find.
  • A shorter name is always better. If your name is too long, use an acronym.
  • Get both the .za domain and the international one if you can.

If you get more than one domain name, pick one to be your main domain name. We can then point the other name to the main one. This allows you to be found easily on the web, and lets you expand later if you wish.

Here's a secret: You can still get a 3-letter South African domain name, if it's not taken already. The process takes a bit longer, and costs more, but we can apply for a 3-letter domain name for you.

Have a domain name in mind?

Contact us today - we can do a quick check to see if it is available. And if it is, we can register it for you. 

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