Plone people: Maureen and Zuki from JET

Jun 20, 2023
Karel spoke to Maureen and Zuki who edit the JET website that we built, maintain and host for them. Grab a coffee and find out what they like (and don't like - if anything!) about their website, built on the open-source software, Plone.

The Marvelous Mrs Mosselson


Karel: Thank you Maureen for making time to chat to me today! You're the Knowledge Manager at JET. How long have you been content editor of the JET website? And how long have you been working with Plone?

Maureen: I've been managing the JET website since 2010. I've been working with Plone since, I think, 2013? Not sure of this date though - when did we move to Plone?

Karel: I'm actually not sure either, but I think it was even before 2013. Either way, it's been quite a long time! What do you enjoy most about being able to edit the website yourself?

Maureen: The ability to do updates and make changes quickly.

Karel: No waiting - I'm sure that is a huge advantage. And what is the most challenging part about it?

Maureen: Learning how to use new versions of Plone when we upgraded (which we did three times). Also adjusting to the new structure and making sure everything we needed was transferred.

Karel: Change is not always "like a holiday" - thankfully though there will always be advantages to upgrading to the newer versions, and we hope that makes up for the growing pains. Speaking of change, Zuki joined your team four years ago and you've handed over some of your editing role to her. Was there anything tricky about the handover to Zuki?

Maureen: No - Zuki picked up Plone very easily and is now our website expert.

Karel: We heard a rumour that you're going to make another attempt to retire. What are your plans for retirement?

Maureen: What retirement? It hasn't really happened yet.

Karel: Thank you Maureen, for being so much fun to work with. You picked up Plone so quickly. And thank you for taking the time to chat to us and sharing your web editor experiences with the rest of our clients.


Website expert, Zuki


Karel: Hi Zuki! You work with Maureen. What is your role at JET?

Zuki: I work under the JET Knowledge Management unit as a Communications Coordinator.

Karel: How long have you been working with Plone, managing the content on the JET website?

Zuki: Over 4 years now.

Karel: Wow, time flies - we're having such fun working with you. Before managing the JET site, had you ever worked on any kind of content management platform before (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, etc)?

Zuki: Yes, I’ve used Wordpress, Hubspot and Wix before to manage website content.

Karel: Quite a range. What characteristics/aspects of Plone make it easy to work with?

Zuki: It has been a great experience working on Plone, it’s user-friendly and we find it easy to add and remove content. I particularly like the announcements portlet tab. We use it very frequently to showcase our new announcements.

Also, accessing the back end of our website can be done on any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc), this saves time and keeps us productive.

We also like how easy it is to schedule our posts and add video, image and infographic content, we produce a lot of these and we are glad we don’t need to know how to HTML code to manage this type of content.

Karel: Such great examples of why Plone is an excellent choice. What characteristics/aspects of Plone have you found to be more tricky?

Zuki: We haven’t been categorising our content enough and recently started tagging everything. It’ll be great to filter our work by type and theme etc. We’ve just found it tricky sorting our content in the backend for tagging, although once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty straightforward.

Karel: As your team expands, do you think there will be any challenges keeping the website up to date?

Zuki: Not really. We’re grateful to have had great training sessions from you, Karel. We’re comfortable using Plone and we’re always looking forward to its new features so we can see what new plug-in we can add to our website.

Karel: Aw thanks, Zuki, great to hear that. We just love your enthusiasm! And we look forward to launching the new JET site in July.

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