Q&A with Sue from SAVE-UHC

Aug 18, 2022
We’ve worked with Professor Susan Goldstein for many years on various projects, most recently the South African Values and Ethics for Universal Health Coverage (SAVE-UHC) website. Following the recent launch of the SAVE-UHC website, we had a chat with Sue about the project.

What is SAVE-UHC?

Sue: A research project aiming to develop an ethical framework through a deliberative process for use in a Health Technology Assessment process.


How did the project come about?

Sue: As South Africa is in the process of introducing a National Health Insurance, a Health Technology Assessment Body is envisaged. The team with expertise in priority setting and in ethics thought it an opportune time to engage policy makers and civil society to develop a priority setting process that included values and ethical issues as well as costs in their decision making.


How do you see universal health care?

Sue: Universal health care is where all people have access to the quality health services they need, when and where they need them, without financial hardship.


Why did you need a website?

Sue: We want to share this unique experience with all South Africans, and to encourage others to develop their own contextual values based framework for priority setting.


Anything specific you love about the website?

Sue: I love that it is visually appealing and interactive.


Thank you, Sue - we are proud to be part of this very important project.


Check out the SAVE-UHC website and contact us if you want a website too.

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