Securing your website with an SSL certificate

Jan 27, 2023
One of the biggest problems facing the Internet today is scammers trying to get your information. Because this is such a problem, securing your website with an SSL certificate is becoming an essential way to improve your site.

Having an SSL certificate for your site improves your site ranking in the search engines, and ensures that your site is trusted by web visitors.

If your website URL starts with “https” (as opposed to just “http”) and there’s a closed padlock icon next to it in your browser, then you have an SSL certificate installed.

If not, we can set up a security certificate for your site using a service called LetsEncrypt. The whole process can be completed in a few minutes, all while the site stays up and running. We highly recommend having an SSL certificate for your site, and now it’s easy!

Let us know if you want this implemented, and we can do it for you at no additional cost if you are already one of our hosting clients.

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