Single Source of Truth

Dec 02, 2021
Every now and then I come across something that fundamentally changes the way I do things. When Johan told me about the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) a few years ago, it was such a moment. It’s just an elegant way of keeping information. Probably best explained in the form of a story.

Client X has a website with educational resources, e.g. maths papers. They are uploaded on the back end of the website in the resources folder (the SSOT). The maths papers are relevant in different sections of the front end of the website, in other words they need to show up in the section meant for teachers, as well as in the section meant for learners, and also in the section meant for parents.

Shock! Horror! An error is discovered in one of the maths papers: the isosceles triangle doesn’t have two sides of equal length! 

A bright spark picks up the error and sends us a corrected maths paper. Karel replaces the file in ONE place (the resources folder) and the correct maths paper shows up in all three sections. Crisis averted! The isosceles triangle now has two sides of equal length. And we didn’t have to remember to change it in all three places, only in one.


(P.S. watch this video if you want to find out more about SSOT)

The content management system that we use works so well with SSOT. It's almost as if it has been developed with that in mind!

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