May 21, 2019
As the name suggests, SurgiTrack is an online integrated surgical workflow system - in essence it helps surgical teams manage the problem of patients waiting for surgery.

Patients are given priority according to the urgency of the surgery and several other factors, and it provides planning for surgical theaters and sends out reminders to the people involved. It is currently in use at one of the large teaching hospitals in South Africa, where several teams of doctors and hundreds of patients rely on it.

Juizi was tasked with setting up the app so that it can be deployed in a South African data-center or on-site in the client’s infrastructure. This included setting up the app from scratch on a Linux server, in a way that is automated and can be recreated quickly. If anything happens to the server, we can redeploy and restore from backups quickly to minimise disruption.

We also provide backups and full disaster recovery for the app, to ensure that the data stays secure and safe.

Launch: May 2019

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