Virtual Meetings - Together apart

Oct 22, 2020
Through the pandemic and lockdown, social distancing became a thing, and virtual meetings kept us all as socially distant as possible while still allowing us to work as a team and maintain a level of productivity.

We’d never have thought that sharing our private spaces would become a thing, but through the internet, our bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms have become co-working spaces.

Here are a few tips for making your Zoom / Google Meet / Skype meetings better.

  • Ask your entire team to switch on their cameras - Showing your team that you’re actively listening and that you understand/follow the conversation, will help the meeting end faster.
  • Keep the camera at a level that flatters your face. (Nobody wants to see up your nose)
  • Mute your mic when you’re not actively addressing people.
  • Disable that hideous fake Zoom background. (We know you’re not really in Paris, Emily)
  • Test your sound and video before the call - It saves everybody the time and anguish of your troubleshooting.
  • Check your internet connection - A reliable connection will make a meeting flow as it does in person, and you end up not having to repeat yourself or asking coworkers to repeat themselves.
  • (Bonus tip) Let your housemates/spouse/parents/children know that you are in a meeting - Nothing spoils a professional mood like kids, lingerie-clad wives or naked husbands sauntering into your “office”.

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