We went to Belgium so we can build you even better websites (Plone Conference 2022 recap)

Oct 26, 2022
In October, we (Karel and Talya) spent a week standing on a stage, drinking beer, and connecting with people from all over the world. No, we weren't touring with our garage band. We were at Ploneconf 2022 in Namur, Belgium!

People do care about Plone, actually

Our talk, titled Nobody cares about Plone, was already making waves before the conference began. Nothing like a controversial title to get people talking!

We spoke about focusing on the benefits of Plone, rather than the name, to build awesome websites for people like you, and organizations like yours.


The community

The community is close-knit, but we newcomers were welcomed with open arms. Inside jokes were eagerly explained to us and even the most prominent members were approachable.

We are proud to be part of such a passionate, bright group of people. And for a bunch of self-proclaimed introverts, they sure can throw a party!


The bright future of Plone

Plone has been evolving for 21 years, becoming stronger, better, and easier to use. There truly is nothing like Plone, and now with the new user interface Volto, it's easier to use than ever. We can't wait to start using it and offering it to you.


Bonus: Belgium travel tips

1. Brush up on your French - a large part of Belgium is entirely French-speaking, and not even the signs are in Dutch, let alone English.

2. Eat frites (slapchips/fries) with mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise is compulsory.

3. Dress in layers. No matter how cold it is outside, you will get warm the moment you step into a heated building. 


For more information about Plone Conference 2022, check out the conference website and Plone's conference recap.

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