Who owns your brand?

Mar 28, 2023
Your website domain name is more important than you think. It's how people find you online, plus it's connected to your main communication stream (your email).

Your domain name is your brand. For us, juizi.com is a massive part of who we are.

Because the person/entity who registers the domain isn’t necessarily the domain owner (like when a company registers a domain on your behalf), you might not actually own your brand. And when it comes time to move or upgrade your site, you might not have the control you need to ensure that your domain points to your website.

At Juizi, we always ensure that the domain details clearly indicate that the domain owner is the website/business owner. We are only shown as the admin and technical contacts.

Ownership is essential, and we ensure that you own what is yours.

Any questions about your domain, or website domains in general? Chat to us!

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