Why Juizi Loves Plone

Oct 20, 2021
What comes to mind when you think “website”? Probably WordPress, Wix, Squarespace… Juizi doesn’t work with any of those. We build websites in Plone, and we just love it. We’ve worked with most of the others over the years, but keep coming back to Plone. Like that favourite coffee shop that you return to when others let you down, we just love coming home to Plone.

But why?

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Easy to use

Plone is such a clever system. Uploading content is a breeze for our clients.  No need for you to know code or complicated programs. 

2. Search engine friendly

Plone is SEO-friendly without any addons. The fields that you use in setting up a page in Plone already speak to the searchability of that page in Google - creating the correct tags automatically. So you can get that 1st page ranking!

3. Strong, responsive, mobile-friendly websites

Because of Plone’s strong theming capability, the themes designed and built by Juizi just work. Responsiveness is always guaranteed.

4. Security updates guaranteed

Plone is an immensely secure platform - It has never been hacked! Updates are done, but not needed as often (not every 2 minutes like with some platforms)... And we handle the updates, so you don’t have to. Older versions of Plone are also supported far longer than any competitor. 

5. Intuitive interface

The admin interface for Plone is intuitive. Logical and clever! You’ll know where to click.

6. Trusted plugins only

The Plone community has an array of great plugins available that help us build bigger, stronger websites. We pick only the best ones and make sure they work well and are secure.

7. Infinite scalability

The power of Plone lies in its ability to grow. Your website becomes as big and powerful as you need it to be, and we ramp up functionality as needed. 

So there you have it!
Your website needs a strong foundation and a solid, reliable company to help you grow and maintain it. Juizi has an amazing track record of helping our clients achieve so much with this robust platform’s elegance and might.

Juizi is Plone, perfected.

Because nobody does websites better than you and Juizi. 

"The ACQF web platform was constructed specifically for us and working with Plone turned out to be even easier than expected. We are very pleased to have a website that presents our content beautifully while also engaging our audience. Feedback from our partners, stakeholders and experts on the ACQF website has been incredibly positive. Juizi helped us build a site that works for us."  - Eduarda Castel-Branco, ACQF

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