Your Website is Live - Now What?

Jul 19, 2022
5 things to do right now.

The time has come. All that time and money and energy has led up to this point.
Your website is finally live.

Now what?

Here's a handy checklist of five things you can do right away:

✅ Sit back and admire it
✅ Talk about it on social media
✅ Send out a newsletter
✅ Advertise it
✅ Add content to it


1. Sit back and admire it

You (and everyone else who was involved in the project) deserve a pat on the back. And maybe a little happy dance.

Enjoy this moment, but don't rest on your laurels.

So what’s next? Once you’ve taken a moment to admire your new site, it’s time to tell others about it so that they can admire it too. 


2. Talk about it on social media

Share your new site on social media! We like to post a launch alert on LinkedIn and Facebook for every site we build or reskin, and we love seeing our clients do the same. 

And if you don’t have social media accounts for your business or organization yet, now’s the time to make some. You’re excited about your website and want other people to get excited about it too - but how can they, if they don’t know about it yet? 

If you’re starting a new business with an all-new website, ideally you’ve been working on your social media presence already. That’s also a great place to build some anticipation for your new website so that when you launch, you have some people ready to visit your site. 

If you’re an established business or organization giving your existing site a revamp, you can also tease the new look and/or functionality on your social media before the launch. 


3. Send out a newsletter

Launching a new website is pretty newsworthy - perfect for a newsletter. Make sure you tell your subscribers all about the benefits of the new site, like valuable new content or functionality, a user-friendly layout, and a gorgeous updated look and feel. 

And don’t be afraid to express your excitement! 


4. Advertise it

Social media isn’t the only way to spread the word about your new site. You can also pay for online advertising, like Google Ads or social media ads. Google Ads requires some time and research, but can really pay off if you do it right. Plus, ads can boost your search rankings, especially if your site is new. 


5. Add content to it

You’ve launched your website with some content on it already, but don’t stop there. A website isn’t just a once-off effort. A successful website is a living, breathing thing that needs regular tweaks and updates. How regular those are, depends on the type of website and industry, but even the most static brochure site needs some tweaking every now and then. 

If you’ve got a blog section, write a post or two. Upload files like videos and images to the appropriate pages. And if you have a support retainer with us, send us the content and we’ll upload it (P.S. contact us to sign up for a nudge: a monthly email to remind you to send us new content to upload. It won't cost you anything extra and might be useful).

Not only is this good for SEO (read more about how and why great content is great for SEO in this article), but it also gives you something to share on social media. Give people a reason to visit your site!


So, there you go: a handy checklist of five things you can do right away when you launch a new or updated website.


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