What the @#$ is Plone?

Just the best content management system around. Elegant and mighty.

Wondering who else uses Plone?

  • Secure enough for the CIA
  • Nifty enough for NASA
  • Good enough for Google
  • Heroic enough for the Helen Suzman Foundation

...and practically all Juizi clients.

Our Plone sites have never been hacked. Plone has very strict security protections, does not have plugins that can touch the code in any way and receives security updates on a specific schedule. We typically apply those security patches within a few hours of their release.

Read more on why Juizi loves Plone. Contact us for more information on how Plone can work for you.

Want more info on Plone? Visit plone.com

"While initially quite intimidated by Plone, Karel & Astrid led me through some basic training to negotiate my way around. The team at Juizi are creative in trying to meet the brief, they are enthusiastic about their work and their service is prompt."
Sharon Hershaw
Rhenish Girls' High School

Trusted by our many clients.

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