Desk with an Apple computer with the words "Do More" on the screen

You have a lot of important information and don't want anyone to mess with it

Look no further!

The system we use, Plone, is perfect for that:

  • it can handle small and large volumes with ease
  • it's never been hacked, so you know your resources will be kept safe so that they can get to the people who need them
  • it has the highest rating for role-based user permissions and API and code quality and cleanliness

"As a relative novice to the environment, at no stage was I made to feel incompetent or incapable; rather, their way of working with me empowered me providing me with more skills. [...]. I have only praise for the professional, friendly, task and people orientated team at Juizi and happily recommend them."
Sharon Hershaw
Rhenish Girls' High School

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