To Microsite or not to Microsite? When is it a good idea?
Sep 03, 2019

A while back, we decided that we needed a tool to help us market specifically to our prospective NPO/NGO clients. We needed something that was to the point, guided the user through the benefits of using Juizi, and then steered them down a very specific train of thought to a form that would help them make contact.

Write some content, get some Google love
Jun 28, 2019

Consistently writing new content for your website is paramount. This is not only the best way for your visitors to see that you're actively updating and that your business is running, but it has also become a major factor in how Google perceives your site.

Helping your non-profit make a difference
Jun 23, 2019

We have extensive experience building and managing NPO/NGO websites, and put together a selection of core products that we believe will enable us to partner with you to build a solid website.

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